Production plant

April 26, 2021

Behind the name NovaAmbienta lies much more than what is available to our customers on a daily basis. Behind the doors of production, we are constantly striving for development and striving to improve the production process. We nurture a tradition of more than 15 years, which has resulted in today’s production of mostly CNC machines interconnected and connected directly to designers who are able to send their projects directly to them, who further recognize the operations that need to be performed due to existing software (programs) that we use without additional processing and filtering, and the whole process is therefore fast and efficient. The machines are from the world-famous manufacturer HOMAG, which guarantees the fulfilment of even the most demanding operations. They approach the execution of the set task with maximum precision, and in that way the chance of even the smallest mistakes is significantly reduced. Due to the use of a compatible program, the entire process from design to production has been raised to an enormous level of efficiency and speed.

In essence, the purchase and possession of CNC machines has improved product quality, significantly improved the speed of the production process, and the occurrence of possible errors has been minimized.

Taking into account the advantages of the production plant, the possible quantity of produced individual pieces of furniture has doubled in the last five years. In this way, the production process is simplified, and we are able to reduce the production time, which would otherwise be much longer when it comes to production.

In such a working environment, the safety of workers is at a high level, because when making furniture, direct contact with tools that could disturb safety or cause injury to employees in production is avoided.

As we care about the quality of our products, the safety of workers, we also take care of the environment. Namely, with the help of high-quality ventilation systems, an ideal atmosphere is created for preserving the environment with extremely minimal air pollution. That environmental protection is important to us is also shown by our finished products, which are also eco-friendly made of the highest quality materials that meet the most demanding EU eco-standards.

It can be concluded that the production plant of NovaAmbienta includes everything that is needed in the modern furniture industry, starting from the processing of mineral plates, modernized painting process, veneering, etc. We strive to be better and better every day, and to follow the latest trends in furniture design and production.



Our professional staff is here to help you in design of interior, or the design details, according to your desires, needs and possibilities.

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