About Us

NovaAmbienta takes pride in its distinctive brand, with over 15 years of unrivaled experience in creating unique custom interior and kitchen designs. Our focus is centered on the well-being of clients, setting high standards of quality, and continually seeking innovations that permeate every aspect of our timeless furniture, crafted to endure through time.

What speaks most about us is our dedication to clients in every thoughtfully crafted piece of furniture. We meticulously consider every detail, taking into account the needs and desires of our clients. Our reputation is built on creative solutions that optimize space efficiently but also on the careful selection of premium materials.

Our innovation and commitment to ergonomic design ensure the visual appeal of our furniture but also exceptional functionality and longevity. Each piece of furniture is tailored to the individual needs of our clients achieving the perfect balance between aesthetics and practicality.

Our designed kitchen symbolizes the perfect blend of aesthetics and functionality. We use only the highest quality materials and precisely engineered mechanisms to achieve outstanding results. Our diverse range of options provides unlimited freedom of planning, with the ability to intelligently all necessary kitchen appliances.

NovaAmbienta is synonymous with a revolutionary approach to us. Our state-of-the-art designs transform the concept of kitchen space and interior, setting new standards through innovative solutions that change perspectives.

Our timeless kitchen creations are not subject to passing trends but adapt and cater to the needs of our clients over a long period. Each piece of furniture is custom-made, adjusting to the size of the space. The possibilities are endless thanks to a wide range of materials and mechanisms, varieties of finishes, and technical solutions.

Every material and mechanism is carefully tested during production and design to ensure exceptional quality and durability. That’s why we proudly offer a 5-year warranty, providing our customers with complete peace of mind and satisfaction.

NovaAmbienta now distributes kitchens and flat furniture in the domestic and European Union markets, with a tendency to expand to other markets.


Our professional staff is here to help you in design of interior, or the design details, according to your desires, needs and possibilities.

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