CREATIVE SYNERGY: Apartment Interior in Stup

May 10, 2024

In cooperation between the teams of NovaAmbienta company and M25 interior design, the interior design project in Stup has become an inspiring achievement. Starting from the conceptual concept, through further refinement to technical realization, this collaboration has shown the strength of teamwork and expertise.

It all began in the studio of M25 interior design, where the architect created the conceptual solution for the space. This phase included space visualization, conceptual placement of elements, and the first step towards realizing the client’s desires.

After the conceptual concept was defined, the NovaAmbienta team took over further refinement and technical realization of the project. This step involved a detailed analysis of the space, optimization of functionality, material selection, and designing the aesthetic experience of the space.

We thank the architects from M25 interior design for their creativity, and the client for their trust. Our working synergy demonstrates how teamwork and expertise lead to exceptional results in space design.


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