Penthouse furnishing and cooperation with Sarajevo Tower

August 5, 2023

Our many years of work in the field of interior design and the experience gained from that work have allowed us to strive towards setting bigger and bigger goals year after year, with the aim of improving the quality of our brand, but also expanding the services we offer to our clients.


This year, we achieved new successes, and one of them is directly related to our interior furnishing service from the first to the last step. The text about it, taken from, is presented below.


For future owners of apartments in the attractive Sarajevo Tower building, furnishing an apartment is within reach with the furnishing service offered by the sales team of Sarajevo Tower and NovaAmbiento. In order to speed up the whole process and save valuable time for the tenants, we have prepared the furnishing of the apartments, which includes complete furnishing from curtains to electrical appliances on a turnkey basis.



“Tenants will have two or three options to choose from. We created this in order to facilitate the entire decision-making process and reach a final solution for which they will not have to waste additional time. We have already prepared conceptual solutions for them as a preventive measure. Also, in the offer also offers the possibility of designing according to the customer’s wishes.”


In this penthouse, we decided on a contemporary style that we combined with luxurious notes.


We decided on a bold contrast of dark and light tones, while highlighting the details with emerald color. We also added a rich golden color that connected the design and gave an additional note of luxury and warmth to the space.


We played with smooth and slightly rougher textures, once again showing that contrast in the interior doesn’t have to be anything offensive or harsh on the eye. On the contrary, in this case it gives additional freshness and dimension to the space!


Knowing that not every person can devote himself in detail to furnishing his interior, but still wants to do everything according to his own measure and style – we created the concept of furnishing according to the “turnkey” principle. Since then, we have done numerous projects that offer our clients in one place:

  • consultation with the designer,
  • development of a conceptual solution,
  • creation of 3D proposals,
  • as well as all phases of the project according to the “turnkey” system.


If you are ready to embark on your dream apartment decorating adventure, we are at your service – contact us and the story can begin!



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