Why opt for a custom-made kitchen?

August 5, 2023

You have decided that you need a new kitchen or you simply want to replace the old one because it no longer suits your lifestyle. You are asking yourself whether you should decide to make a custom-made kitchen or simply buy a ready-made kitchen.

It is much easier to just go to a furniture store, choose the kitchen you like best, and in the next few days, as long as it takes for delivery and assembly, to have a kitchen in your home. However, it is questionable whether this kitchen will meet your needs in the long term. In order to make it easier for you to make this important decision, below we give you several reasons why you should decide to make a custom-made kitchen.


1. A kitchen that fits perfectly into your living space – when decorating the interior, the most important thing is to have a functionally arranged space. Taking into account that we all have a different definition of functionality in our home, which we create according to our daily needs, when choosing custom-made furniture, we have the opportunity to maximize the level of functionality and utilization of space.




2. A wide and interesting choice of decor and materials – this is not about choosing the color of the kitchen or the usual materials. If you decide to make panel furniture in Nova Ambiente, you have the opportunity to choose only the best materials originating from the EU. In addition, with the help of our architects, you can boldly but skillfully play with combining different colors, decor and materials.




“…when choosing custom-made furniture, we have the opportunity to maximize the level of functionality and utilization of space.”


3. Unlimited freedom when planning storage space and layout of elements – when planning the layout of storage elements, the only limitation is the layout of electrical and plumbing installations, which even in some cases are not an obstacle because they can be moved. You decide whether your storage space will be open, with or without hanging elements.




4. You adapt the mechanisms and the smallest details to yourself – when we make long-term decisions, we try to decide first of all on good quality and then on timeless design. When creating a kitchen in NovaAmbienta, you choose the types of mechanisms, softeners, drawers, handles and much more, and we are here to create unforgettable projects together with you.




5. You choose the quality of the kitchen – considering that when buying a custom-made kitchen, you are not buying a finished product, you have the opportunity to carefully choose a company that makes its furniture from high-quality materials.



Now that you are already familiar with the advantages of making a custom-made kitchen, you can learn more about the process by reading our blog 5 steps when making a custom-made kitchen.

In order to make the entire process of creating a kitchen as pleasant an experience as possible with as little stress as possible, it is necessary to find a company and an architect who will understand your needs and accordingly design the ideal kitchen for you.

We wish you the best of luck in creating your dream kitchen! 🙂


Our professional staff is here to help you in design of interior, or the design details, according to your desires, needs and possibilities.

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