Utisci kupaca

Jelena Kalinić


The service of the designer was without complaint: he did not impose himself, he listened to our wishes and needs and quickly
brought a solution and a drawing. The delivery time was a bit longer, but this was due to the current situation with
procurement and it was up to the production of materials because the color was demanding,
but nothing excessive or unbearable, all within normal limits. The masters were great, they adhered to
epidemiological measures, they were clean, they were not noisy, they were well behaved and the
installation was done on the same day.They cleaned everything up before leaving.
I must also praise the plumber.



Mirna Marković

At a time when every step out of the ordinary of covid-everyday life is risky (health, financial, time) and when you are primarily focused
on your own and the health of your environment, a creative endeavor like working in the kitchen seems like an unreal story.
Thanks to your professionalism, creative ideas and helpfulness, this endeavor has brought a special atmosphere,
extra serenity and comfort to my home.

Thank you for your cooperation and I wish you much success in your future work.


Emina Milišić

My experience with your company is really positive. I would especially like to point out the team of assemblers
who are wonderful and decent people and who solve every obstacle in the best way.
The final product is excellent and in accordance with everything agreed.


Our professional staff is here to help you in design of interior, or the design details, according to your desires, needs and possibilities.